Roof Repair and Moss Removal

Roof Repair

Roof repair

Roofs are the parts of the house that are exposed to all harsh weather conditions, which means that they wear out the fastest. You need to look for signs like leakage, missing shingles, holes and punctures, blistering and cracking, and pieces of roof shingles on the floor.

Once you notice any of those, call for our roof repair services immediately. Repairing your roof regularly not only keeps you and your family safe but also increases the lifespan of your home.

When you call us, we assess the damage and determine if we will repair or replace your roof. That depends on the age of your roof and the type, plus the extent of the damage. If we decide to repair, we only remove the damaged parts and replace them with new parts.

Moss Removal

Moss removal

Moss can grow anywhere, from your roof to the wall, and sidings, provided the conditions are conducive. Moss growth could be an indication that excess moisture is sipping into your walls, and if not taken care of soon, it compromises the structure of your home.

When it happens on your roof, it could cause it to lift and eventually cause the shingles to fall off. When you call us for moss removal, we inspect the extent of the moss growth first.

We then scrape most of it off, then scrub and rinse the surface. Afterward, we spray a protective coating on the surface to prevent future moss growth on your surfaces.